How do we make a referral for crisis / emergency placements?

We accept young people from any UK location and the service provides immediate, round the clock response. Depending on availability, placement can be made within four hours of contact and the young person can be picked up and placed the same day. You will initially need to call 01952 504 715 and ask to speak to someone in the Placement team. Or email the referral information to

For planned placements – right from the point of referral, a senior manager from each of these disciplines is involved in multi-disciplinary planning. We will arrange for you to visit and see all aspects of the service and to bring colleagues from your Authority to have questions answered and expectations clarified.

Is BMC able to offer discounts on the spot purchase placement fee?

We generally do not offer a discount on a spot purchase fee; unless, the LA is part of regional framework (which we are on) or the LA already has a young person placed at BMC.

What makes you different from other providers?

1. We have been working to an Integrated Model for over 30 years; each element of our service; small residential care homes (maximum 4 beds), independently registered school and vocational centre (30 teaching staff) and in-house clinical services (9 experienced and qualified clinicians) has their own unique strengths. However, the success of our model is in the integration of these three strands. It is this that delivers the progress, outcomes and placement stability that we are renowned for.

2. We work at the extreme end of the residential care spectrum, offering tailor made, specific treatment programmes for each young person in our care.

3. We are an evidenced-based organisation; with three decades of experience and knowledge. We are also members of and significantly involved in TCTC (The Consortium for Therapeutic Communities. We are one the leading pioneers of therapeutic treatment services in the sector.

What are your treatment programmes/pathways for young people in your care?

We work therapeutically, delivering intensive treatment residential care, independent education and in-house clinical services – these three strands are integrated to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to placement and treatment planning.

Where are your homes based?

All our services including our care homes, schools and clinical services are based in Shropshire, North Wales and Mid-Wales.

What are the admission criteria for young people into your homes?

Most of our young people have experienced abuse, trauma or family breakdown. They are struggling to cope with life and presenting behaviours which in turn mean others struggle to cope with them. There are very few reasons why we would not consider placing a young person within our services, subject to careful matching, where consistent care, a stable placement, and the addition of a bespoke educational package and specialised relevant therapeutic service is likely to meet their identified needs.