The aim of our emergency and assessment placements is to offer instant, practical solutions to the young person in crisis. We stabilise the situation, reduce any risks and ensure the immediate safety of the young person. Our assessments help make planning for a more secure future easier for local authorities.

Placements can be the start of turning a young person’s life around. We have a range of longer-term solutions and our crisis and assessment service is a gateway to the range of solutions available.

Immediate, round-the-clock placements

We can instantly accept a child from anywhere in the country at any time of day or night. We can make decisions to offer a placement within four hours, and we can come and collect the young person on the same day.

A 12-week assessment programme

Bryn Melyn Care provides a structured 12-week programme including on-site education to produce a clinically informed assessment of a young person’s psychological needs over three phases. Educational activities include computer-based learning, introductions to ASDAN units and the pursuit of other qualifications. Integrated education and learning provision is supervised through our own independent school.

In addition, positive use of outdoor education provides them with a brilliant opportunity to respond to fresh challenges and have fun!

We’ve seen our young people make exceptional progress, transferring their new-found skills and self confidence to other areas of life such as schooling and social interaction.

Outdoor education


Assessment and moving on

Working with our care, education and clinical staff, we assess underlying placement needs, and recommend appropriate care pathways.

In most cases as we stabilise behaviours, assess need and start building a relationship, we can offer planned move-on options within our other resources.

The care staff, educators and clinicians work alongside the young person to ensure a smooth transition into successful longer-term placements and school.

For more information on how this emergency service could help you, contact us now on 01952 504 715.