Bryn Melyn Care offers an integrated therapeutic service to children and young people with a wide variety of both acute and chronic needs.

These are often complex and enduring and may be expressed though a range of troubling behaviours:

  • Attachment difficulties
  • Early childhood trauma
  • Inappropriate Sexualised Behaviour (ISB)
  • Sexually Harmful Behaviour (SHB)
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Challenging behaviour

Many of the young people we work with have highly problematic attachment patterns, and some will also present a range of other needs including:

  • Emerging personality disorders
  • Issues of mental health and wellbeing
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Each young person at Bryn Melyn Care has an integrated team of professionals from care, clinical and education working around them, to provide a holistic and comprehensive service.

Our method

Young people live in one of our intensive therapeutic homes with experienced residential practitioners. This provides stability and normality and allows us to concentrate on individual needs.

We employ the ‘House Model of Parenting’, an attachment based therapeutic care approach which focusses on providing a secure base, building relationships, and managing behaviour.  This model is underpinned by the Foundations of Attachment Programme that provides care practitioners and education teams with an understanding of the challenges of caring for young people with complex needs alongside practical approaches to building connections and support behaviour.

As a result, we quickly see significant improvements in their social, intellectual, vocational and personal skills. The homes (and schools) are supported by ongoing input from the clinical team to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach.

We continuously monitor progress, which allows us to identify patterns, measure change and deliver the appropriate therapeutic interventions by our highly qualified team.

Families are encouraged to maintain links, subject to review decisions, and home visits or overnight accommodation for the young person’s family can be arranged.

Our staff

All therapeutic practice is delivered by qualified care staff and is informed by our in-house clinical team. Only experienced managers or clinicians are given the responsibility for supervision and case management.

All staff have a sound understanding of safeguarding protocols and relevant child care legislation.

The team’s specialist skills portfolio includes cognitive-behavioural programmes; strengths-based models, relapse prevention, sexual education, group work, social skills training, mediation, anxiety and anger management.

We have specific experience of multi-agency public protection and risk management in the community.

Call us on 01952 504 715 to see if the young person you’re looking after could benefit from these highly specialised services.

PRICE TrainingWe work in partnership with PRICE training who provide BILD accredited training in minimising the use of restrictive physical interventions and positive approaches to challenging behaviour. This ensures that our staff have the skills necessary to provide safe and consistent care for our young people and are skilled in de-escalation and defusion techniques.